I SKI NY Passport System Instructions

Here are the details onstructions for applying for the passport and checking on the passport's status.

To start:

1) Create a new profile, enter your email address and the captcha text.
2) Fill in the blanks for the new password.
3) Click the button "Buy a Passport for Another Child".
4) Then fill in the childrens information, some of it may be filled in for you already as it is derived from the parents information. Adjust as necessary as to where you want it mailed.
5) By default the Online application payment will be selected, if you would like to print and
mail the application with a check please select "Print".

If you are purchasing and paying online:
1) Select Online below the child's information.
2) Then click the box that you have read and understood the rules of the program - a link is provided where that is.
3) Click Continue
4) On the next screen click the browse button and find the picture or scan of the report card, you can take a picture of the report card upload that if you like. The file has to be less than 2 megabytes in size and the types you can upload are listed.
5) Select the program you want (Passport, Learn To SKi or Both).
6) Click Continue
7) A summary will be presented, click the Checkout button.
8) Enter your credit card details, we take Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.
9) Your payment will be processed and a receipt will be presented that you can print. The receipt will also be emailed.

If you are printing the application and mailing in a check along with the proof of grade:
6) Then click the box that you have read and understood the rules of the program - a link is provided where that is.
7) Click "Continue".
8) On the "Printed Application" screen be sure to select that you will provide a proof of grade and that you are going to "send a check".
9) Finally select the type of passport you would like, Ski & Ride, Learn To Ski & Ride or Both. Each costs $27, if you select both it is $54.
10) One you click through you will be done and you will receive in email a PDF of the application.
11) Print the PDF of the application and mail with a page from the 3rd or 4th grade report card, progress report or something like that with a check for the appropriate amount ($27 for one, $54 for both) and mail to:
PO Box 375
Jamesville, NY 13078

When you are done, click the Close button, you will be brought back to the Profile screen. If you need to get a passport for another child in the family click the "Buy a Passport for another child" and follow the process above.

If you are all set, click the Logout button.

If you want to check the status of your children(s) application go to:

On the right side of the screen where it says "I Have a I SKI NY profile" enter your email address and password and click "I want to Connect", once you login you will see the status of the passport application. If you have mailed in your application please allow for 2 weeks for us to get it in the mail and process it. Applications are processed daily Monday through Friday.