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Bristol Mountain Welcomes 11 New Patrollers This Season to Ensure Guest Safety and Mountain Enjoyment

CANANDAIGUA, New York (November 29, 2022) – Bristol Mountain is thrilled to announce the addition of 11 exceptional patrollers to its team for the 2023-24 Season. These dedicated individuals have undergone extensive training and are well-prepared to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests on the mountain.

The new patrollers are: Stacy Poliseo, Seth Hoercher, Case Morrill, Holly Drawe, Chiara Duenas, Elliot Weaver, Jeff Zimmer, Brandon Agnello, Aleks Huck, Chris Stephany, and Jack Edelstein. These highly skilled professionals are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to uphold Bristol Mountain's strong safety standards. As winter enthusiasts themselves, they understand the importance of maintaining a safe and fun environment for all visitors.

Dan Fuller, General Manager of Bristol Mountain, expressed his enthusiasm for the new patrollers, stating, "We're excited to welcome 11 talented individuals to our patrol team. Our patrollers play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of our guests, and we appreciate the time and effort they dedicate to their training. Their commitment is an essential component in providing a memorable experience for everyone who visits Bristol Mountain."

The Bristol Mountain patrollers have endured rigorous training that has taken place over the past year. This comprehensive preparation enables them to handle any situation that may arise on the mountain slopes. Additionally, Bristol Mountain extends its gratitude to the following instructors who played key roles in their training: Steve Ladue and Peter Edelstein, for serving as the OEC Class IOR's and Deb Whalen, Glenn Becker, and Val Sorrells for demonstrating unwavering dedication as the OEC class IT's.

Bristol Mountain invites all guests to join in congratulating the new patrollers and extend a warm welcome to the team. With their commitment and expertise, Bristol Mountain will continue to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all winter enthusiasts.

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