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Nov. 20th, 2023 | Vol. 43

Winter is coming!

Are you ready to have some winter fun?

Why learn to Ski or Snowboard?


Being outside in nature makes us happier.

Skiing and Riding are outdoor sports that occur during a season when most people spend extra time trapped inside. Getting outside during the winter is a huge mood lifter and energy booster! Time spent in gorgeous scenery, the reflected light off the snow, and the exercise boost in endorphins, mean skiers and riders are a pretty happy bunch of people.


Get an amazing workout.

Believe it or not, skiing and riding are both incredible workouts as they are an excellent a mix of endurance and resistance training. An added bonus is that it's basically a hard-charging interval training workout. Get a blast of cardio and then get a break while you take the lift back to the top. A hard day's skiing can burn up to 400-600 calories an hour. Even beginners get in on the benefit with the extra movements required to navigate around on the flats!


A Family that Skis Together...

Unlike many sports kids participate in, skiing and riding are both lifelong sports that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. A family day out at the mountain enjoying the snow is a priceless memory that cannot easily be replicated by other activities. There is the precious time together on the lift to catch up on your child's life, the pure joy of sharing an exhilarating experience with your family/friends, and the cozy aftermath of a hardwon restorative meal together; all wrapped up together for a memorable experience.


Learn to Love Winter.

Living in upstate NY pretty much guarantees you will have cold temperatures and snow for a portion of the year. Skiers and riders look forward to those precious months when snow is possible. By embracing winter, we embrace the idea that each season brings something new to enjoy and love.


Let us teach you to love winter like we do.

Sign up for Lessons today!


We are very low on snowboard equipment. If you are looking to rent snowboard gear, please call 518-381-4700 to confirm that we still have your size. If you have already purchased your snowboard rental online but have not picked it up, please come over and get fitted as soon as possible.



We are still renting out Seasonal Ski Packages!


In addition to rentals - we also have a huge selection of industry-leading Smith helmets in all colors and sizes for some seriously good prices. Need new ski socks, neck warmers, or gloves? We are stocked with all sorts of high-quality snowsports accessories, including Smith goggles!


Rental Shop Hours:

*Thursday and Friday - 2 PM - 7 PM

Saturday and Sunday - 10 AM - 4 PM


* We are closed Thanksgiving.

We are open Black Friday from 10AM-4PM


We have what you need to make winter fun!

Lessons are not just for kids!


Why would an adult take ski or snowboard lessons?


Skiing and snowboarding are lifelong sports! The more you practice, the better you become. Sometimes a little help from a professional can make a HUGE difference in your skiing or riding. Want to learn to ski in parallel, be a more efficient skier/rider, or work on your small radius turns? How about keeping up with your kids or increasing your confidence at higher speeds? We can help you with all of those things!! We have options for Adult Lessons during the week AND on the weekend. Can't find a time that works? We have private lessons available as well.


Sign up today before our December 1st price increase!


We have joined the Indy Revolution!

What does that mean? That means we are now accepting Indy Pass holders at Maple Ski Ridge! That also means that our Maple Ski Ridge Season Pass holders can get the discounted Indy AddOn Pass.


Get your Maple Ski Ridge Season Pass and sign up TODAY to get on the wait-list for the Indy AddOn Pass.



60 Years at Maple Ski Ridge


This '23-'24 season we are celebrating our 60th ski season! To kick things off, we are sharing our celebratory logo that we will be rocking on all our communications and gear this year. (Make sure to pick something up with this commemorative logo!)

We are planning a few extra special events and surprises throughout the year to celebrate our 60th year of operation.

If you have a special Maple Ski Ridge memory or photo that you would like to share with us - we would LOVE to hear from you!

Share your Maple Memories



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