Ontario County Do The Right Thing Program Rewards Local Youths with an Adventure in the Trees at Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures

June 15, 2017

South Bristol, NY (June 14, 2017This Saturday, June 17th,  Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures will be hosting the students who were recognized with awards through the Do the Right Thing Program, sponsored by the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office. The event will be attended by members of the Ontario County law enforcement community including the Canandaigua Police Department, School Resource Officers, NY State Troopers Troop E and Canandaigua Police Chief Stephen Hedworth in addition to the recognized students and their families. 

The purpose of Do the Right Thing Ontario County is to recognize and reward Ontario County youths for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, and good deeds that go beyond normal, everyday expectations.  This award distinguishes exceptional school-age children who choose to be drug and crime free, exhibit positive, non-violent behavior, will stand up for others, do well in school, make a difference in their communities, and demonstrate consistent turnaround behavior.  The purpose being that the youths who receive this recognition will inspire and encourage other youths to demonstrate the same behavior and strive to make a positive difference in their community.  “The response to the program has been tremendous, we have so many kids who choose to do the right thing in our county and want to show these kids that this behavior is just as newsworthy.  To have every law enforcement agency come together to recognize these students just shows the worth of the program.   We are extremely grateful to Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures for this spectacular opportunity”, explains, Donna Schaertl, executive event coordinator of the Ontario County Police Benevolent Association

 “We are excited to host this event and support the students who have been recognized through the Do The Right Thing Program and the Ontario Country Police Benevolent Association. It is our privilege to provide these students with an adventure in the trees at the summit of Bristol Mountain, as part of the their recognition for making the right choices every day”, exclaims, Steven Fuller, President of Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures.

 About Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures:
The Aerial Adventure Park at Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures is a series of more than 7 challenge courses with varying levels of difficulty interwoven within the forest canopy.  Each course is made up of 12-15 elements with each element being suspended between platforms that are secured to trees.  Elements include zip lines, tight rope walks, rope ladders, bridges, and even a skateboard ride through the trees. For more information please visit www.bristolmountainadventures.com