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One Day Lift Tickets Available Now!

Ticket Sales Details:
You can purchase discounted ticket vouchers from ISKINY here. They are good anytime during the 2018-19 ski season except for Holimont and Hunt Hollow where they are only good on weekdays, non holiday periods. Up to 8 vouchers per ski areas per household can be purchased and multiple purchases for different ski areas is allowed.

No refunds! Non-Transferable.

Note: Limited quanities available, once a ski area is sold out they are sold out for the season and will not be restocked.

Update: What we have available for sale is on our order page linked below. Other ski areas not listed are no longer available.

If you have an issue with a transaction and whether or not it went through or didn't get an email please call Liftopia support at 800-349-0870.

1. Click the BUY NOW link to start your order.

2. Select the product and how many. Note: If you are going to order for example four tickets and you are going to use them at different times only place your order for the number you will be using at one visit, then place another order for your next trip.

3. Log in or create your Liftopia account. This will come in handy for when you need to complete your order of other mountains.

4. Enter Guest Names- Tickets are non-transferable, so you'll need to just enter the primary guest name and other names for those who will be going with you. If you are unsure who will be using the tickets later on in your group you can put down for the additional people Skier 1, Skier 2 etc. It's just a way for the system to store where each of the tickets are going.

5. Complete your sale by entering in your payment information.

6. Once you've completed the purchase for one mountain, click Keep Shopping, then select All Tickets to continue on with your next mountain purchase. ISKINY will verify all purchases and contact you with any issues.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 for all the mountains you'd like to purchase.

Reminder: Save your confirmation emails; you'll need to print your tickets before heading out to the slopes!


Any questions please contact the SANY offices at memberservices@iskiny.com or 315-696-6550 or with a purchasing issue whether or not it went through or didn't get an email please call Liftopia support at 800-349-0870.

C L I C K H E R E T O B U Y N O W !!!!!

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