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2023-24 Season Update

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End of season update

The decision was made today that last Saturday, March 30, would be the last day of the 2023-24 season. It was a fantastic day that had 2 lifts running, access to 10 slopes, and a very fun-filled Pond Skimming event.


Despite the lack of natural snowfall, the Snowmaking Team and Mountain Crew worked extremely hard to allow us to get 115 days of skiing and riding in this season! We thank them for those efforts and sincerely hope you were able to get out on the slopes and enjoy as many of those days as possible.


Thank you for helping us have an action packed and memorable winter. Can't wait to see you on the slopes next season.


Totality Bash at Holiday Valley

We are quickly approaching April 8, the day of the Solar Eclipse and the weather forecast is looking positive, which means that Holiday Valley will be a fantastic place to watch this very rare occurrence! Join us for the Totality Bash and witness this astronomical adventure from the serene setting that the slopes of Holiday Valley have to offer.



Holiday Valley Resort