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Skiers skiing down slope

New York State Ski Code

Signed by Governor Mario Cuomo and enacted into law in 1989, the Code is detailed here.

Safe Skiing

To be a safe skier NYS law requires you to know and observe the following duties for skiers:

  1. Not to ski in any area not designated for skiing
  2. Not to ski beyond their limits or ability to overcome variations in slope, trail configuration and surface or subsurface conditions which may be caused or altered by weather, slope or trail maintenance work by the ski area operator, or skier use
  3. To abide by the directions of the ski area operator
  4. To remain in constant control of speed and course at all times while skiing so as to avoid contact with plainly visible or clearly marked obstacles and with other skiers and passengers on surface operating tramways
  5. To familiarize themselves with posted information before skiing any slope or trail, including all information posted pursuant to subdivision five of section 18-103 of this article
  6. Not to cross the uphill track of any surface lift, except at points clearly designated by the ski area operator
  7. Not to ski on a slope or trail or portion thereof that has been designated as "closed" by the ski area operator
  8. Not to leave the scene of any accident resulting in personal injury to another party until such times as the ski area operator arrives, except for the purpose of summoning aid
  9. Not to overtake another skier in such a manner as to cause contact with the skier being overtaken and to yield the right of way to the skier being overtaken
  10. Not to willfully stop on any slope or trail where such stopping is likely to cause a collision with other skiers or vehicles
  11. To yield to other skiers when entering a trail or starting downhill
  12. To wear retention straps or other devices to prevent runaway skis
  13. To report any personal injury to the ski area operator before leaving the ski area
  14. Not to willfully remove, deface, alter or otherwise damage signage, warning devices or implements, or other safety devices placed and maintained by the ski area operator pursuant to the requirements of section 18-103 of this article.

Safe Lift Passengers

To be a safe lift passenger, NYS law require you to know and observe the following duties of passengers: 

  1. To familiarize themselves with the safe use of any tramway prior to its use
  2. To remain in the tramway if the operation of a passenger tramway, as defined pursuant to section two hundred two-c of the labor law, is interrupted for any reason, until instructions or aid are provided by the ski area operator
  3. To board or disembark from passenger tramways only at points or areas designated by the ski area operator;
  4. Not to eject any objects or material from a passenger tramway
  5. To use restraint devices in accordance with posted instructions
  6. To wear retention straps or other devices to prevent runaway skis
  7. Not to interfere with the operation of a passenger tramway
  8. Not to place or caused to be placed on the uphill track of a surface lift any object which may interfere with its normal operation
  9. Not to wear loose scarves, clothing, or accessories or expose long hair which may become entangle with any part of the device

Additional Duties:

Skier shall have the following additional duties to enable them to make informed decisions as to the advisability of their participation in the sport.

  • To seek out, read, review, and understand, in advance to skiing, the 'WARNING TO SKIERS' displayed where tickets are sold
  • To obtain such education in the sport of skiing as the individual skier shall deem appropriate to his or her level of ability, including the familiarization with skills and duties necessary to reduce the risk of injury in such sport.

Full Article 18 Linked Here

Article 18 Signage

Here are the signs you will see at a NYS Skier Central Information Board. These are part of the NYS Skier Safety Law and one should read an be familiar with it.

Click on the sign for a larger view of it.

Warning to Skiers


Be a Safe Skier Know the Law SignImportant Information Sign