The Voice Of New York Skiing

Ski Areas of New York, Inc. is a trade organization that serves its members by acting as a facilitator, negotiatior, educator, marketer, business analyst, legal advisor, information collector and distributor and sometimes even a referee. Many of the responsibilities that we have undertaken are simply just expected and some of the time, our members are unaware of the full scope of our operations. This is all by design. By operating as a support organization for the industry, our products and programs help to foster new and continued business for our members. By continually staying abreast of the latest technology and opportunities for our industry, we hope to grow the sport for generations to come. 

We also host the ISKINY-PSAA EXPO with our partner organization the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association.  In 2017 the ISKINY-PSAA EXPO will be held on September 18-20 at Camelback Resort in Tannersville PA. More details at www.iskinyexpo.com.

Associate Membership Application - for Exhibitors / Suppliers to the ski industry - Required for attendance at the ISKINY-PSAA EXPO.

Ski Area Membership Application - for Ski Area Membership for 2018-19.

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Here are some of the services we provide to our members:

Ski Reporting
3rd and 4th Graders Free for Kids Ski & Ride Passport Program
Consumer Ski Show Program
Representation in Albany
Annual Seminars and Trade Show
Annual Economic Surveys
Salary/Wage Survey
Database/Mailing List Access
License Plate Program
If you know of a company who you think might be interested in becoming a SANY Member, click here for our membership application.

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