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"We just returned from our trip to Holiday Valley. It was the first time our kids have ever skied and they absolutely loved it...  they wanted to stay longer.  We will definitely return to NY sometime.  Again, thank you!"
- S. Haughn

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

I applied for the program and I want to use it now, is my receipt ok for redeeming the program at a ski area?

No, a Passport Card must be issued, please see the question about temporary passes being issued for further details.

If I apply today can I use it immediately?

No, you have to request a temporary passport to be sent to you in email at Temporary passports are issued during normal business hours Monday-Friday except weekends and holidays. If you apply on the weekend the earliest you could get a temporary passport is the next business day. Please note the I SKI NY offices are not open on weekends and federal holidays. For the 2016-17 season the I SKI NY offices will be closed on December 26 2016, January 2 2017, January 16 2017 and February 20 2017.

Can I get the passport faster?

We can email you a temporary passport card, just email us during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, with your child’s name and address for verification. You will receive a temporary pass that you can take to the ski area until your regular card arrives in the mail.

How is the passport sent?

The passport is mailed via first class mail within 2 weeks of receipt of the application once the initial shipment of passports has taken place, usually in mid-November.

Whom do I make the check out to?

To ISKINY, the sponsor and administrator of the program.

What happens to my application and report card that I send in?

All applications and proof of grade are destroyed at the end of the season.

Do I need to send in a picture?

No, you do not need to send a picture, but you will need to put one in the booklet when you receive it. Any pictures sent will be destroyed and not returned.

Do I have to send the whole report card?

No. Any portion of the report card is fine as long as it includes the child’s name, school year and grade on it. Report cards will not be returned; please send a copy not the original.

Program Details

Does the Ski & Ride Passport only have 3 total tickets or 3 tickets per ski area with an adult purchase?

On this passport it is 3 tickets PER participating ski area so it can be used at multiple mountains.

If I choose the Learn to Ski Passport, do I need to purchase an adult pass when the kids ski?


If I choose the Learn to Ski Passport, do the children get a lesson each time they go?

No, only once per participating ski area, so they can use the card at multiple ski areas but only one time at that ski area.

If I choose the Learn to Ski Passport, is there a limit to the number of times the kids ski at each mountain?

Yes, the Learn To Ski & Ride Passport can be used once per participating ski area for a beginner lift, lesson and rental.

With the Learn to Ski/Ride passport program, do I have to participate or can my child(ren) just do it?

The Learn to Ski/Ride program is available only for children in 3rd and 4th grade. No purchase of an adult Learn to Ski/Ride package is necessary, but feel free to take a lesson if you’d like!

I have two 3rd or 4th Graders does that mean I have to have two adult ticket purchases?

No, up to two 3rd or 4th Graders can redeem their Kids Ski Free coupons with one adult ticket purchase.

Is there a 5th grade passport program in New York State?

No, there is not at this time. For other discount programs for other ages please contact the ski area you would like to visit. Many areas have children’s programs that may meet your needs.

Does this include lessons or equipment rentals?

Yes, the Learn to Ski/Ride Passport does include one free beginner lesson, rental and beginner ticket. Equipment rentals are not included on Kids Ski Free passport card.

Is this a season pass or just one ticket per area?

The passport card is not a season pass. The Kids Ski Free passport includes three free tickets to each participating ski area with purchase of an adult lift ticket. The Learn to Ski/Ride passport includes one beginner lift ticket, beginner lesson and rental per participating ski area.

Can I choose both Passports programs for my child?

Yes. An additional $27 processing fee will apply. For example if you used the Learn to Ski/Ride card but also want the Ski for Free card with the 3 "coupons" per participating ski area you can apply by just checking both boxes on the form. If you want to apply later on please send in a new application/proof of grade.

What is the difference between the Learn to Ski/Ride passport and the Ski for Free Passport?

The difference between the two passports is that the Learn to Ski/Ride passport will include one free beginner learn to ski/ride package at each participating ski area that includes a beginner lift ticket, lesson, and rentals. The Ski for Free passport includes 3 free lift tickets for each participating ski area with the purchase of an adult lift ticket.

Passport Troubleshooting

I have another question but it doesn't fit your FAQ here? How can I contact the program?

You can email or by call 315-696-6550.

I checked my child’s application status and it does not show up there and I know I sent it in. Does this mean you did not receive it?

We work as quickly as possible to enter the applications so if your child’s application does not show up here that does not necessarily mean we have not received it.

I forgot to include a check/credit card information with my child's application, how can I pay?

You can fax your credit card information to 315-696-6567 or call 315-696-6550.

I cannot print the application for one reason or another, how can I get one?

You can request one by sending an email to Of course you can fill out our online application as well.

What if I lose my card?

Contact the I SKI NY Offices at 315-696-6550 or email with the child’s name and address so we can cancel the card and issue a new one. Replacement cards are $35.

How to use your Passport

I have 3 children in the 3rd and 4th grades. Can they each participate?

Yes. All kids can participate but only 2 passport holders can redeem lift tickets per paying adult. So, if all three children are participating in the Kids Ski or Ride Free program, 2 adults would need to be present and purchase lift tickets.

After I receive my passport, how do I use it?

Present the Passport card at the ticket window. Some ski areas may have a designated area for redemption.


My child is homeschooled. Can he/she participate?

Yes. A letter from the coordinating school district or something along those lines will suffice such as a letter from the parent teacher.

What is proof of grade?

A copy of the previous years' report card (2nd or 3rd grade) or a copy of the current report card. A letter from school on the school letterhead stating they are in 3rd or 4th grade can also be used.

How old must my child be to participate?

The child must be in 3rd or 4th grade to participate and must show proof of grade.

Do I have to be a New York State resident to participate?

No, this program is open to any 3rd or 4th grader from any state or country.

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