NYS Ski License Plate

Drive in Pride of the sport you love with a New York State Ski License Plate that supports skiing in New York State

For nearly 20 years Ski Areas of New York has offered you, the skier or rider, a chance to drive in pride of the sport you love - skiing or riding down the snow.

We now have a new design with a new attitude! The new plate is available for passenger and commercial class vehicles. It's also the first plate to be produced with the DMV's new 6 color printer. In addition to being available for passenger class vehicles, the I SKI NY plate will also be available with the International Symbol of Access (ISA) on it for any registrant with a disability who qualifies for such a plate. Any individual qualifying for an ISA must contact Custom Plates before submitting his/her application. You can order the plate through ISKINY by filling out the MV-413 form and sending it to ISKINY, PO Box 375 Jamesville, NY 13078 or faxing it to 315-696-6567.  You can also scan and email the completed form to info@iskiny.com. The process does take 6-8 weeks. 

Application form - MV413.pdf - click here to download.

$10 of your plate costs helps support skiing in New York State

A plate with a number and SKI combination costs $70.00 with a $31.25/year reoccurring fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles. $10 of your $70.00 helps support skiing in New York State.

A vanity plate (with your letters or numbers) costs $101.25 with a $62.50/year reoccurring fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles. $10 of your of $101.25 helps support skiing in New York State.

Those who have the previous version of the plate will be able to upgrade to the latest design for $28.75, either on-line or by calling Custom Plates at (518) 402-4838.

First time registrants can download the form and fax to 315-696-6567 or mail to ISKINY, PO Box 375 Jamesville, NY 13078.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take? - It takes about 6-8 weeks to process before you will receive your plate from the DMV in Albany.
  • I have a registration about due for renewal. Should I renew first or do it with the plate purchase? - We suggest you re-register your vehicle and wait to place the order until you receive your new registration and/or plates.
  • How do I get one? - You can download the PDF and print it to your printer and send with payment or you can send email to info@iskiny.com with your name and address or fax number and we will send one to you.
  • What is the DMV's phone number to check on the status of my plate? - The number for the custom plate division is 518-402-4838.
  • What forms of payment do you accept? - We accept Visa, Mastercard, Check or Money order payable to Ski Areas of New York.
  • I have some other questions, who can I contact? - You can email them to info@iskiny.com or call our office at 315-696-6550 and talk to Patrick Dunn. The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles website is http://www.nysdmv.com.

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